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Established in 1996, SI-MA Makine Elektrik Ltd. Sti. He was an important partner in the supply of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment. Our company, which offers a wide range of products, has gained an important market share with the European-led products especially in the iron and steel, crane manufacturing and port sectors and is the market leader in brake systems. Our company, which specializes in brake systems, load and cable transportation services today, starts with the right product selection and product selection, product supply, delivery and installation. We can respond at high speed in emergencies related to our large stocks and services in Istanbul. We would like to thank our business partners with whom we have the opportunity to work at the age of 24 and preparations to further increase the service sector.

©1996  Sİ-MA Makine Elektrik Ltd Tüm Hakları Saklıdır.

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